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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Spring Summer Fashion

Judging by today's weather, it seems I'm a week too late for this post, but thought we could all do with some lovely fashion pieces to cheer us up and think of sipping Pimms on the lawns of England squinting in the late afternoon sun exchanging gossip!

For me summer, regardless of latest trends, is all about bright colours, white embroidery anglaise and florals.  It is just a cooincidence that this is SS12 trend!  Bonus!

I absolutely loved Costello Tagliapetra's SS12 collection.  Take this simple tangerine tea dress.  Simple.  Elegant.  Summery.  Can dress up with high heeled silver sandals or simple flip flops.
Costella Tagliapetra SS12 Collection

I totally love this McQ white broidery anglaise dress from Matches.  This can be paired with nude sandals or flip flops or inject some acid colours such as turquoise or fuschia.

Mc Q Broderie anglaise dress £555
I'm a real sucker for embroidery anglaise so have been quite taken with this applique Serena dress from Reiss.

I have to say I am also impressed with Gok's collection for TU at Sainsbury's.  Great structure, colours and prices.

I love this cropped jacket for £45!

Gok for Tu - Cropped Jacket - £45 (Sainsbury's)
It would jazz up a white t-shirt and jeans.

I am always drawn to monochromatic looks, so love this black and white maxi dress from Debut at Debenhams.

Black Floral Print Maxi Dress - £90
 And I simply adore this yellow floral D&G dress as seen on the fabulous Helen Mirren The One Show this week. 

D&G Yellow Floral Print Dress
That's it for now!  Will no doubt post some more SS12 ideas soon!

Are you Fabuliciously Floral?  What's on your SS hit list?

Would love to hear your thoughts!
Kate x

Friday, 30 March 2012


I hate smoking!

Let's get that right out there!  My parents both smoke - until my Mum contracted lung cancer last August that is, so it is not that I have not been used to it.  When the smoking in public places ban came in, it was music to my ears.  Gone were the days of coming home from a night out with your hair and clothes reaking of stale smoke. Vanished were those plane journeys where walking up the aisle to the back of the plane was akin to entering a music video with all the dry ice!  Banished were those days....or so I thought!

So what I don't understand is smoking outside restaurants and bars. 

Let me put this into context as I can imagine those smokers having a raging fit thinking "where the hell can we smoke if we cannot smoke outside?!"  My honest answer to that is anywhere in your own confines away from the public, but my sensible answer is more diplomatic!

When we have the infrequent opportunity of sitting outside of restaurants to enjoy the rare sunshine, this does not mean this is a smokers' haven.  What this means is that we all want to enjoy the sunshine together in peace and harmony.

So what I absolutely take TOTAL exception to is sitting next to someone, inches away on the next table, who then lights up. I mean, you're not allowed to do this inside, so what makes you think it is acceptable to do this inches away from me outside?!

I honestly think it is just thoughtless.  Insofar as the smoker actually does not realise the affect they have on non-smokers.

Smokers should have a designated area outside of bars/restaurants so they can readily enjoy their cigarettes amongst fellow smokers.  Not in sight or near distance of non-smokers and/or the bar/resto entrance.

In addition, all smokers also need to be more self-aware and understand the impact of their behaviour.  I would not go around squirting my fragrance over you (which is of course delicious!) as I know not all of you would like it!  I would not go around wafting you with a bottle of exhaust fumes (which is in essence not dissimiliar to the fumes of cigarettes) as it is rude and dangerous.

So what makes smokers think that blowing smoke and smoking around us is acceptable?!

I had to leave a coffee shop the other day as 3 people on the next table were smoking.  It totaly ruined my sunshine outdoor experience and left my very angry.  I have asked people before to move, I will continue to do so.

What are your thoughts on smoking outside in a confined space?
Would love to hear your views!
Kate x


What's your take on Fabulicious? Would you start describing the word itself or what you think of the blog? The adjective or the noun?!

Well let's start with the adjective!

I wanted to call my blog Fabulicious as I think it conjures up lots of fabulousness together with nom nom delicious! You see, I've just described an adjective with another adjective and also described food! I've yet to do a food post...! Though I tend to "nom nom" all things shoes! Yes the leather can be a bit tough, but hey!

In addition, I wanted to name my blog with just one word. I wanted it to portray images of aspiration & escapism - something that would want to read to cheer you up, pass the time with an eclectic topic of posts.

Let's face it, everyone wants some daily Fabulicious time, right?!

This brings me onto the 2nd point - the blog itself! As mentioned in my Starting Out post, I've just recently started blogging and been encouraged to do so for many years, so it was @jojomojo_71 that finally persuaded me! I honestly thought I would be blabbering on about fashion and beauty continuously, but just seems I blog about whatever I am fancying at any given moment.

For me, blogging is an extended tweet! Everything I want to say over 140 characters!

I am really overwhelmed with the support received so far and the tight blogging community. So I'm very thankful to you all for that. I'm really grateful for all those people taking the time to read my posts, and comment. Now I blog myself, I understand how important it is to comment. I always comment on posts I love.

I am happy for you to request any particular topics you want me to look into. I know there's a few guys on Twitter for whom I'm their designated personal shopper (right @apsg?!) and their present ideas for long suffering other halves! So ask away, and I'll see what I can do.

So long may we all be Fabulicious spreading the pink Fabulicious love!

Kate x

Friday, 23 March 2012


Seeing as I'm a Twitter addict, it's only fitting that I write a blog post about it!

I was at my older sister's in January 2010 when she said, "You ought to get on Twitter, you'd love it." I totally did not understand it then. I was like, "Is it just a multiple Facebook status update?! What's the point?!"

Needless to say, I signed up, followed some celebs and got going. I did not get Twitter for a long while. As for the hashtags (#), I was like What. The. Hell?! Then the #FollowFridays started and I was flummoxed!

For someone with very little patience, I thought I'd bear with it!  So I did!

One of my very first people I engaged with was Really Ree (@ReallyRee - fab fashion & beauty blogger) as I tweeted about spending £50+ on birthday cards, and she thought it was hilarious! We've been firm buddies ever since, even meeting up on occasions.

Being interested in fashion, I followed a lot of the brands and stores. Top Shop are invariably the worst brand on Twitter. Never reply. Never engage. Just brand bash. Not. Good. Needless to say they are not only unfollowed, they're missing a trick!  Some other brands are better including @MarchesaFashion and of course @HarrodsOfLondon. See previous blog post!

Some restaurants go on an RT frenzy when customers mention good service. Yes @SanCarlo_Group, I'm looking at you! Moderation and intermittent RTs are sufficient, thank you! Some other restaurants are totally spot on. Take Newcastle based @NinosTheGate. They tweet informally, posting pictures of daily delicious treats whilst engaging and encouraging followers all the while.

So what's the secret to twitter success?! Here's my tips, which are of course not exhaustive, let alone gospel!
  1. Engage: This is my Number 1 tip. If you don't respond to followers, they'll unfollow you. Equally, ensure you proactively engage and respond to tweets. There are many tweeters out there that only reply to a reply! This gives the impression of aloofness and self importance and doesn't appeal. I've unfollowed plenty of people (non celebs!) who shall remain nameless. Never replying to tweets is just rude. Don't get me started on East Midland Trains @EMtrains! This needs a blog post all of its own!
  2. Respond: Replying in a timely manner for stores/businesses is essential. This is absolutely key for increasingly your social media credibility and perceived customer service level. Again, Harrods are the only ones that excel here.  Even person-to-person timely responses are important.  I have unfollowed many people who never responded to my tweets.
  3. Humour: This is essential! The number of times I've guffawed at a mere 140 characters is countless!
  4. Tweet regularly: There's nothing worse than following dormant accounts.  What's the point?!  But some people argue too much tweeting is equally as off putting *puts fingers in ears la-la-la*
  5. Meaningful #FFs: Whilst it's always lovely to be #FFd (as it were!) being part of a list is pretty pointless and seeing lists of #FF is akin to timeline clutter. I only ever pay attention to those #FF that have a meaningful explanation as to why I should follow said person. Otherwise I just scroll right on passed! One #FF per tweet is ideal! I actually do not do #FFs much anymore. Think they seemed to have generally dwindled off.

  1.  Don't ask celebs for RTs for mundane things. Ever. Even constant charity requests get boring as they lose impact!
  2. Don't get too political or tweet extreme religious views as this is very divisory, and will just invariably cause a ruckus
  3. Don't follow thousands of people if you only have a few hundred followers. When people check your profile, this is an instant disincentive to follow you as it looks like you're a follower freak who isn't interesting due to your high follower:following ratio
  4. Don't apologise for not tweeting or a Twitter absence - no one cares!
The best people on Twitter are normal non-celebs. I've met some wonderful people as a result of Twitter, and always know the news and gossip before the rest of mankind!

So with close to 80,000 tweets to my name, long may Twitter continue to be my social media of choice and 140 character engagement!

What's your twitter thoughts?!
Twitterlicious love!
Kate x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What's in my bag?!

I was inspired to write this post by my good Twitter friend Jo Holt (@JoJoMoJo_71;  Jo blogged about what was in her bag, so I thought I'd have a go at that too!

I am one of those people that pretty much changes my bag depending on what I am wearing, so I attempt to keep the level of clutter and rubbish down to a minimum - in theory!  I am having a "no holds barred " bag insight here, so I may be shocked by its contents too, so let's see!

My daily bag is my Mulberry EastWest Bayswater.  I treated myself to this bag last February and I bought it from the wonderful Harrods with Sharon (@SharonAWilliams).

Mulberry East West Bayswater (Black) - Harrods - £595

So let's start with the purse and sunnies!  Essentials!

Bulgari Black 8016-B Sunnies and Mulberry purse

I absolutely LOVE my Mulberry purse as it is pink and shiny!  Very me!  My sisters bought me this for my birthday a few years ago - though I did prompt!!  It's a very grown up purse with plenty of room for cards, notes that don't have to be folded and a zip part for coins.  It's ace.  The only thing is, when I went to Sweden for work, I put it next to my passport and the passport logo rubbed off on the purse leather.  Gutted!

Today I swapped out my VB sunnies for the black Bulgaris.  I ALWAYS carry sunnies - in the vain hope that the sun will come out - yes even in the depths of winter!  I was wearing black and pink today so of course they had to match the outfit.  I bought these sunnies 4 years ago from Sunglass Hut in Manchester.  I asked for 30% discount, and they obliged!  They were pretty expensive, so thought I would ask!  If you don't ask you don't get!  As my previous boss says, "Shy Baerns get nowt!"  A motto which I live by!  I always haggle!  Father's Daughter!

Next up - lippies!

Top Row - L-R - QTICA solid gold nail oil gel, Mac Curvaceous gloss, Chanel No.19 gloss, New ID Cosmetics gloss- Spice Berry, Mac spice lip liner
Bottom Row - L-R - Mac Faux (pink) lipstick, Chanel SPF15 Hydrating lip treatment, Mac Cherish (nude)  lipstick
As you can readily tell, I like my lippies and glosses!  I am a big fan of Mac as they do great colours and are relatively cheap.  I love Mac glosses too as they are rich albeit a bit sticky.  Mac Spice is my go-to lip liner.  I  have been using it for years, even since I got my lips Mac'd at the Kings Road store Chelsea 10+ years ago.

I bought the Chanel No.19 lipgloss from Selfridges when I was last in London for London Fashion Week.  The trip where I was 2 hours late to meet the girls, but that's another story!  Sharon (@SharonAWilliams) was donning this super sexy gloss that stayed on, so we all had a go.  The next day I went out to buy it.  Everyone wants it now - sis, Mum etc!

The Chanel lip treatment is the *best* lip balm I have ever used.  It is hydrating without being claggy and it's  uber-moisturising.  I absolutely love it and would be another Desert Island item! It's perfect for holidays for reapplying whilst chillaxing by the pool.

I bought the QTICA Solid Gold nail oil gel after having a mani in the spa at Hawks Cay last October.  I am a cuticle picker I am afraid, so I am always putting oils on to help repair and prevent!  It is fantastic.  The tiniest amount is needed and it rubs in from a gel to an oil and also has antiseptic in. It was about $13 I think, so money well spent.

Small Denman hairbrush, iPhone 3GS
You always need a brush to tend to your locks and I do not go *anywhere* without my trusty iPhone 3GS.  I love the hard leather pink case that I recently picked up from HMV Oxford Street.  It was reduced from £30 to £2!  I love a bargain!

And for the boring bits:

Tissues, wipes, car key, lots of pain killers, plasters and old tube ticket
I said I would include everything, so you have the warts and all! 
What's in your bag?

I look forward to your comments!
Fabulicious love!
Kate x

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Everyone sing along now........
"Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you're the best"

This Carly Simon song absolutely sums up Harrods' approach to Social Media. 

I joined Twitter in January 2010 and Harrods was one of the 1st accounts I followed.  Straight away they followed back.  So this just goes to show that this high-end luxury store absolutely understands the power of customer engagement.

For me, Harrods is the ultimate social media benchmark.  They follow back, they interact, they respond straight away (including weekends when most stores sign off, bearing in mind retailers take around 50% of their revenue on a Saturday and Sunday) and they tweet frequently about all store events without ramming it down your throat - without a full sales-pitch.  Their competitions, like them, are luxurious too.

They are not only the absolute leaders in Social Media, they are at the forefront of social engagement for all aspirational stores.

No other stores come close - whether high-end or not.

I remember back in September 2010, Harrods got wind it was my birthday (that may have had something to do with my "T Minus Birthday" countdown that lasted 2 weeks on Twitter!).  I was heading to London with my 2 sisters and my Mum to have a girly day and take arrrrfternoon tea at The Dorchester (adopt Tara PT type voice!).  Harrods invited me to store asking me to head to their customer relationship department.  There they gave me a £30 gift card as well as some other gifts in a giant green and gold Harrods bag.  I was absolutely blown away!  I think this was for always talking about them on Twitter and praising them for their Social Media skills.

On another occasion, I was on the hunt for a new bag.  I wanted to replace my Fendi one, so literally within hours, I had the Fendi department manager on the phone taking my requirements.  She then saved me the bag until I went to store at the end of that week.  It transpired that the Fendi bag was not to my liking (mainly because it was coated suede, and I wanted a robust leather one to use every day.) However, Fendi could not do enough for me. 

Fendi Big Mamma shoulder bag (I wanted the black one)

I decided upon the Mulberry East West Bayswater as this was more the style and material I wanted.

Mulberry East West Bayswater
(A "What's In My Bag" post to come soon!)

I was at one point pondering a Balenciaga City bag in pink.

Balenciaga City Bag
Straight away, without asking, Harrods sent me links proactively with all my style / design options.   This level of customer service and engagement is just unrivalled, and exemplary.

They also sent me pictures of the YSL tribs (in pink - of course!) that I was lusting after!

YSL Tribute Patent-Leather Sandal
Now don't get me wrong, Harrods clearly want me to spend my hard earned cash in their store. But with exceptional customer service like this, I would not want to spend it anywhere else!

What do you think about Harrods' Social Media engagement and other stores on Twitter?
Would love to hear your comments!

Sending fabulicious pink love,

Kate x

p.s. For the record, I do not work for Harrods, am not paid by them or affiliated with them in way.  I just thought that after 2 years of being exceptional at Social Media, they deserved a mention!

Monday, 19 March 2012


Long luscious lashes that look sexy when we bat them are what most of us ladies aspire to have. 

I have to admit, mascara would be a "Desert Island" product choice, should I have the option of cosmetics on said "Desert Island!"

I always used to use Lancome mascaras.  I thought they pretty much monopolised the high-end mascara market.  They were like Ronseal and always innovating with new formulas.  I was always a fan of their Definicils mascara.

Lancome Definicils £21 (Debenhams)

When my sis took the Dior post, I was obviously obliged to use Dior.  I was instantly sold on the Diorshow Blackout.  I was amazed at how prominent the eyes were after one coat.  My lashes were thick and luscious and catwalk ready!  The brush is thick allowing for such dramatic sweepage!  The only downside I found was the casing did not close properly when you closed the lid, so meant drying out was an issue.

Diorshow Blackout £22 (Debenhams)

I then moved onto the Extase when that was launched  I was sold on the gold packaging!  The blurb: ( The first mascara to plump lashes inside and out-wear it alone or pair it with your favorite Dior mascaras.What it does:DiorShow Extase provides built-in treatment benefits and high-impact lashes in a single stroke.  I did like this mascara, but didn't honestly feel it bettered the Diorshow Blackout so I reverted back to that.

Dior Extase £22 (Debenhams)

Anyone that knows me knows I am a bit of a make-up snob, so they were all as shocked as me when I opted for the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara.  I was in the airport browsing Duty Free on my way to Ibiza (by which time my sister had left Dior, so no more freebies!) and I thought why not?!

I am so glad I did! 

The brush allows for long and lean application, and it did indeed curl them too.  I was amazed at what a <£20 mascara could achieve.  I always got lots of comments asking what mascara I was using.  The packaging is nice and more higher-end too!

I was converted!

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes £10.99 (Boots)

Well that was until Dior launched their Diorshow New look serum infused mascara a few months ago.  I was extremely excited to try this after I had read so much about it on Jane's blog (@BritBeautyBlog) as well as Ree's (@ReallyRee).  So when it was launched, I sent my sis (with cash!) to buy 3 for us all (me and my 2 sisters).

Diorshow New Look  £23 (Debenhams)

The blurb: (from The new prodigious mascara with volume enhancer action, lash by lash. An exclusive nano-brush captures and coats every single lash, even the tiniest ones.  A Lash Multiplier TM serum treatment formula thickens, separates and extends the lashes for an infinitely multiple lash effect. 

My middle sister and I were instantly sold.  A small brush allows precision application with a super smooth formula.  My older sis did not take to it at all as she said it made her lashes stick out!  One more mascara for me then!  My sister and I have also noticed that our lashes have in fact grown!  Bonus!

The only downside I have found is that after a full day under extreme lights at an exhibition, the mascara had transferred to my eyelids just under my brows.  This was due to the serum-based formula melting under the heat I guess.  But unless you're at an exhibition every day, this is fine.  My sis (who has mega long lashes) finds though this happens more often for her though.

So, it's Dior all the way for me, and L'Oreal when I am feeling the pinch!

What are your favourite mascaras?   
Would love to hear your comments!
Kate x

Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Go To Product

I get asked a lot about what products I use both skincare and make up wise. Anyone that knows me knows I am a product junkie. I always used to be fascinated with my Mum's make up drawer and always used to watch her doing her make up from a young age.

I started using Clarins cleanser and toner from the age of 14, and have always looked after my skin. I cleanse and moisturise twice a day. I only ever sleep in my make up if I'm absolutely pollaxed comatosed drunk! No...that's not often!

I have been very lucky insofar as my sister worked in cosmetics for 8 years so I never had to buy any products as I benefitted from her generous allocations. She worked at Clarins and latterly Dior. That said, I've pretty much tried all the houses including the traditionals like YSL, Estée Lauder, Helena Rubenstein and Chanel. I've also used the newer funkier brands including Urban Decay, Mac and Origins & Liz Earle. I've pretty much used them all.

I have to say I loved Clarins. I love their tonique shower range as well as their MultiActive staple moisturisers. Latterly I did like how they branched out into funky make up colours too. But with Clarins, it's always skincare and fragrance spritz.

I have to say, prior to my sis working for Dior, I always thought it was quite a stuffy brand. They've really worked on their image in the last 10 years and have successfully marketed themselves as high-end with wide-range appeal with dynamism & utmost innovation.

I've been lucky enough to have my make up done by their international make up artist Jamie Coombes. This guy's motto is "flawless and gorgeous." My words not Jamie's!

The Capture Totale skincare ranges are nothing short of silk. Totally amazing. So soft to apply. After using all these products for less than a week, I got loads of comments on my skin - it's luminosity and general healthiness.

I've also been fortunate enough to use their premium L'Or de Vie range. Super sexy gold packaging which oozes luxe. At around £150 a product, there's no wonder!

My absolute favourite Dior product as well as my ultimate go-to product is the Capture Totale Soin Finition Lumière.

This gold infused cream primer is applied after moisturiser before make up. Upon application, your skin is smoother with a luminous and even texture and tone. Pigmentation spots and red areas are also reduced.

Foundation thereafter just glides on and your skin oozes Hollywood flawless glamour. You can use this product without applying foundation afterwards.

So you can imagine my dismay when they discontinued this product and I was like a woman possessed at Christmas trying to track it down! My sister found me one and she bought it for me for Xmas. It is not cheap at £115, but put it this way, I'll be crying myself to sleep when this sacred product runs out!

Fabrice Muamba

All the news of poor Fabrice collapsing on the football pitch yesterday resonates very deeply with me.

2 years ago mid February I received 40+ missed calls from my older sister. I eventually picked up at 0345. She was calling to tell me her (32 yo) husband had had a cardiac arrest and was fighting for his life in hospital. My dad came down to tell me also. So I threw a suitcase together and started the hour's journey north to go and look after my nephew.

It was an agonising week of him being in intensive care. The doctors told us to prepare for him never waking up and also if he did, there'd be a strong possibility of brain damage. My sister kept a vigil at his bedside morning, noon and night. I did visit the hospital but admittedly was not very brave and lasted 20 seconds in the intensive care unit.

Thankfully he did wake up but was clearly very poorly. He had no idea where he was and whilst talking gibberish he remained his polite and articulate self.

As for the cause? This is the £6m question. The cardiac arrest was not a heart attack. It was nothing to do with blocked arteries or an unhealthy lifestyle. Nothing hereditary either. The consultants think that it was a condition he'd had all his life & just happened during that fateful night in February.

The reason he made a recovery was down to the 20 minutes of CPR my sister carried out on him until the ambulance arrived.

She saved his life.

This whole episode isn't over. He has a pacemaker fitted, they never really got to the bottom of the causes let alone the full solution, so my sister and her husband live with this every day. He's now just 34.

A few things to note here:
*Everyone should do First Aid
*The NHS are pretty amazing
*Live every day as if it's your last
*Give love and thanks to those that mean the most to you

All my thoughts are with Fabrice's family, as it is a truly agonising time.

Much love 💗
Kate x

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is one of those days that has my middle sister citing "commercial crap!" along with Valentine's Day.

I feel quite ambivalent about it depending on how I'm getting on with my Mum at the time! I'm definitely a Daddy's Girl, and whilst I get on perfectly well with my Mum, she's not the best communicator. I put that down to her being an only child.

That said, my Mum's had life saving surgery last year so this year I've gone all out for Mother's Day as she is in recovery and will be for a good few years.

I have twitter to thank for some of the gifts I'll be giving my Mum. I've Harrods to thank for the Guerlain Shalimar perfume, as well as Ree and Very clothing for the biggest box of chocolates you've ever seen! I'd already taken advantage of the M&S 20% discount off womenswear a few weeks ago, so stocked up on powder blue jeans and a cardi as well as fresh white clothes for my Mum's slimmer figure moving into Spring/Summer. I'm always the dedicated family shopper, so I am pleased with my purchases for my Mum, and hope she will be too.

Today is a family day for us. All sisters together with my Mum and my gorgeous Nephew who absolutely idolises his Nanny. My older sister is like Nigella where her cooking is concerned. She makes the most epic cupcakes, so we all look forward to sampling those!

So what's your thoughts on Mother's Day - commercialism or a time to give thanks? What do you like and expect if you're a Mum?

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Wishing all Mummies and everyone a wonderful day today.

Kate x

Friday, 16 March 2012

Blogging Apps

I have to say I am somewhat disappointed with the apps available on the iPhone for blogging.  I wanted to set up my blog on my phone and use my phone as the primay blogging tool.  Blogging for me needs to be convenient and current.  I'll blog on the go and this means I need to do this using my phone.  Needless to say, I am now writing this from my laptop given the fact after I wrote this whole post, Blogger threw me out and did not save my post as a draft.

So, when I counselled the vote on blogging apps, Tumblr, Wordpress and Blogger were recommended.  I use Instagram, so decided against Tumblr.  When I looked into using Wordpress, it was akin to Escaping *into* Alcatraz.  This is not an app, it is the website disguised into an app.  Admittedly, I did not get to the post stage as it was far from intuitive.  So this left Blogger.

I attempted to create an account 3 times.  It was 3rd time lucky as it did not seem to recognise me the 1st two times.  I did just about resist the urge to shout at my phone "Do you not know who I am?!"  So with perseverance in tact, I eventually managed to register.

I am however disappointed that the same level of functionality is not available on the iPhone that is on the web.  I was not able to upload a profile photo using the app or insert a link.  In addition, having just run spellcheck, it is highlighting the name of this tool as incorrect.  No, Google, Blogger is not "logger!"  Nor is Google "goggle!"

Surely, I am not asking too much am I for apps to be intuitive, easy to use with the same phone and web functionality!

As a newbee blogger, I'm already finding too many hurdles!
Has anyone else experienced anything similar?!
Looking forward to your comments!
Kate x

Starting out!

Well...what a start! Many people have said I should blog as I am always muttering on about fashion and cosmetics, places to party and general merriment with the occasional rant - just for good measure you understand!

So with advice from my fellow friend and blogger Jo Holt, I thought I'd give it a go.

So blog creation issues aside (non intuitive apps!), I look forward to sharing more posts about fashion, make up and general lifestyle.

Now...need to add my profile picture! Catch up on the fabulicious side!
Kate x